Trimer Technologies was founded in 2018 in Ann Arbor, Michigan with the goal to commercialize a thermosetting polymer system which enables rapid curing and extreme thermal stability. Our technology was born out of internal research and development by Dr. Henry Sodano and his team at HARP Engineering which yielded a low-cost polymer that exhibited high strength and a high glass transition temperature with a low cure temperature, two properties commonly coupled together.

Following the formation of Trimer Technologies, Dr. Sodano developed the technology to enable unprecedented cycle times, enabling faster cure than any state-of-the-art resin. Our resin system has been demonstrated to provide cycle times under 45 seconds while achieving a glass transition temperature over 200 ºC, without a post cure. This cycle time exceeds the Department of Energy’s goal set for 2050. Trimer Technologies is decades ahead of the competition and poised to revolutionize the composites industry. Our revolutionary resin systems enable aerospace performance through high volume automotive manufacturing processes. Our resins offer a unique value proposition and can enable reduced manufacturing cost while increasing material performance. Furthermore, our resins are inherently non-flammable, providing increased safety to those using our products.

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