Revolutionary Thermosetting Resins

Trimer provides resin systems which enable high volume manufacturing of composites with unprecedented properties.  Our low viscosity resins enable faster infusion, minimal voids and high fiber volume fraction.  The cure rate and gel time can be tailored to provide long working life followed by a rapid cure with low exotherm enabling cycle times under 60 seconds.  Once cured the polymer exhibits inherent non-flammability, extreme thermal stability and superior mechanical properties.

Trimer Technologies is literally decades ahead of the competition having achieved manufacturing cycle times exceeding the US Department of Energy’s 2050 goal. 

Rapid Cure

Fully Cured in Seconds Not Minutes

Low Viscosity

Rapid Infusion with Minimal Voids

Superior Mechanical Properties

High Strength, Stiffness and Toughness

Thermal Stability

High Glass Transition Temperature


Zero Toxic Additives

Electrically Insulating

High Dielectric Breakdown Strength

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To find out more about Trimer’s resin  systems or to get a detailed data sheet for a specific resin, send us a brief message and our team of motivated engineers will be in contact to help you implement our products.